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Let's Talk About Gen Z

Did you know that many Millennials are now close to- or in their 30’s, well into successful careers and enjoying parenthood? No longer should we refer to our entry level recruitment plans as geared towards millennials or even the occasional jab at their work styles. They are now fabulous leaders and entrepreneurs and enjoying fruitful careers.  Let’s enjoy their many contributions to our organizations. 

Instead, let us prepare to be ready for Gen Z and create workplaces that support their work styles and needs. There are about 5% of Gen Z in the workforce right now. Many were in school during Covid-19 and their educational experiences may have been impacted; including online school and missed proms and graduations.


Gen Z will enjoy doing meaningful work, opportunities for career advancement, flexible (emphasis here) schedule, financial stability, performance management and is the most technically savvy and tech addicted group of all time. They are amazing behind the keyboards and will need support with interactions that may have been more common with earlier generations. They love the gig economy and the variety of various part time gigs for maximum schedule flexibility, and many are lucrative social media influencers.  Many have excellent marketing skills and enjoy frequent recognition.  They will need your support from recruitment, applications and interviewing to following direction, teamwork, and your mentorship in the workplace.


What do we mean? Let us explore recruitment, as an example.  Job boards and job searches, applications without easy links and phone calls – all create an “ugh” reaction from Gen Z. Many do not have voicemail set up. Consider recruiting them where they are most comfortable (schools, Instagram, social media ads) and when scheduling them for an interview – be sure to text them; do not call them.  


If you would like help getting ready for Gen Z, contact Human Resources 911 LLC and we will help you welcome the next generational workforce.


Below is more info. and resources on the amazing generations in our workplaces.


What generations are currently in the workforce and how are they described?

  • Traditionalists—born 1925 - 1945 – small portion of the current workforce.

  • Baby Boomers—born 1946 - 1964 – starting to retire.

  • Generation X—born 1965 - 1980.

  • Generation Y, mostly referred to as the Millennials—born 1981 - 2000.

  • Generation Z—born 2001 - 2020 – covid impacted their education experiences.

  • Who comes next? Well, their name may be decided when they start graduating high school.




Click this link for information on generational differences in the workplace as well as additional links to resources and analysis.


Click this link for an infographic and detailed information about characteristics of each generation and their workplace styles and preferences.


The article is the property of Human Resources 911 LLC and may not be reproduced without permission. Thank you for enjoying our content.


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